Monday, July 6, 2009

Dragons Were Dinosaurs, Scholar Believes

However, she thinks these legends were based on fossils, not living creatures.

SUMMARY: Adrienne Mayor, a researcher at Stanford U., says she has found links between certain dinosaur fossils and legends of dragons. She has found enough information to have written three books on the subject, and the Children's Museum in Indianapolis thought enough of her work to have consulted her when they were building a dragon exhibit.

Many if not all ancient cultures have legends of dragons, and Mayor believes these stories were based on how the ancients imagined dinosaurs would look like after finding their fossils. Dracorex hogwartsia, a fossil named after the Harry Potter stories, surprised scientists when it was discovered its long muzzle and spiky horns make it look remarkably like the dragons of ancient China and medieval Europe. However, Dracorex was discovered in North America, not China or Europe. That raises the question of how ancient Chinese, Europeans and other cultures far from North America could have come up with these dragons if the corresponding dinosaur fossils to date have been found only in America.

There are serious reasons for doubting that the dragon legends resulted merely from observations of dinosaur fossils. The widespread discovery of similar looking dragons in the folklore of almost every culture on every continent suggests people probably did see the real creatures alive and well.

(Photograph of a Chinese dragon sculpture, from Wikipedia)

To read the entire article click on this ICR link.

COMMENT: At least some secular scientists appear to be coming around to the view that there is a link between dinosaurs and dragon legends after all. It is a bit amusing though that Ms. Mayor cannot bring herself around to suggesting that the ancients may have actually seen real live dinosaurs. Of course, she realizes that she would lose her credibility in the world of science if she were to suggest such a thing. The belief that the dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years or so ago is an article of faith mainstream scientists dare not challenge.

For those not familiar with the strong possibility biblical authors wrote about prehistoric beasts like dinosaurs when they mentioned dragons and other creatures like the behemoth and the leviathan, you can read my article on the subject as posted on the LSI Web site.

Is there any other evidence that dinosaurs and humans were at one time contemporaries? You bet. Dr. Mary Schweitzer's discovery of soft tissue and red blood cells in both Tyrannosaurus Rex and hadrosaur fossils should lay to rest the opinions of scientists that these animals died out millions of years ago, but, of course, it hasn‘t. Bible believers know all land creatures were created on Day 6 of creation week along with Adam and Eve, and Adam must have given dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals their names (Genesis 2:19-20).


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